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  • Signals from a Wideband lnb are fed only via two cables (one satellite) or four cables (two satellites)
  • Compatibility with quatro LNBs (after reprogramming with PC102W programmer)
  • Compliance with EN50494 - Unicable I, 8 UBs (User Bands)
  • Compliance with EN50607 - Unicable II, 32 UBs
  • Possibility of using receivers compliant with EN50607 and EN50494 in the same distribution network (8 x EN50494 + 24 x EN50607)
  • Static mode: IF/IF converter
  • Dynamic mode: distribution of signals to up to 32 receivers
  • SRM522 cascadable single-cable multiswitch allows for distribution of DVB-S/S2 signals from one satellite and terrestrial signals (DVB-T, DAB/FM radio). The satellite signals can be distributed by means of dSCR technology (digital Satellite Cable Router), requiring only one coaxial line and satellite splitters to provide the signals to compatible SAT receivers, along with terrestrial signals that can be received by standard televisions and radios. The SRM522 multiswitch fully supports receivers operating in two dynamic modes: SCR (Unicable I - 8 User Bands) and dSCR (Unicable II - 32 User Bands). The multiswitch has 5 inputs. Two pairs of SAT IF inputs (V1, H1, V2, H2, 290...2340 MHz) should be connected to two Wide Band LNBs, the fifth input is intended for terrestrial signals (DVB-T, DAB(+) and FM radio). One of two outputs, dSCR OUT, allows for independent operation of up to 32 SAT dSCR receivers/STBs fed via one coaxial cable, and the second, dSCR / Legacy output can be used as typical SAT output (like in Universal LNBs or standard (legacy) multiswitches) for connecting a legacy SAT TV receiver).
    By default, the SRM522 multiswitch is configured in dynamic mode, with dSCR OUT operating as Unicable port and Legacy OUT as universal (legacy) port that switches into Unicable mode after receiving DiSEqC command from a receiver/STB (compliant with EN50494 or EN50607 standard). It means that each of the two outputs of the multiswitch can independently feed up to 16 receivers (in the EN50607 standard). The digital signals should be split among the receivers with the use of satellite splitters operating in 5-2400 MHz band.
    The device can operate in two modes;
    • DYNAMIC - fixed output frequencies (User Bands) allocated for individual dSCR/Unicable receivers (distribution via single coaxial cable to up to 8 (EN50494 - UNICABLE I) or 32 (EN50607 - UNICABLE II) receivers);
    • STATIC - fixed input and output frequencies, IF/IF conversion allowing for distribution of signals from 32 satellite transponders to an unlimited number of receivers.
    The programming of dSCR multiswitches is performed by the dedicated PC102W programmer.
    The die-cast housing provides high screening efficiency by preventing the penetration of interfering signals to the unit.
    SMATV systems based on SRM522 multiswitches should be fed from Wideband LNBs.
    The multiswitch should be powered from an external power supply, e.g. PS202F (20 VDC, 2 A).
    Name SRM522
    Code R80522  

    Frequency range
    SAT IF input 290-2340 MHz 
    SAT IF output 950-2150 MHz
    DVB-T/Radio   5-862 MHz 
    Inputs / cascade  outputs (trunk)  SAT IF   4
    DVB-T/Radio  1
    Number of tap outputs   2
    Return loss > 10 dB
    Impedance  75 Ω
    Input levels  SAT   65...100 dBµV
    DVB-T/Radio  n.a. (passive)
    dSCR   Number of UBs  max 32 (configurable)
    UB bandwidth    20...60 MHz (configurable)
    Signal level (AGC)  84 dBµV
    Terr. TV path loss  11 dB (typical)
    Legacy mode Signal level (AGC) 78 dBµV 
    Terr. TV path loss  12 dB (typical)
    Loss of cascade lines (trunk) SAT IF   < 4.0 dB
    DVB-T/Radio   < 4.0 dB
    Current pass trough cascade lines (trunk) SAT IF    total: max 2 A; any path: max 1 A
    DVB-T/Radio    max 250 mA
    Current pass to H lines From DC IN    20 V, max 1.7 A
    From tap outputs  20 V, max 500 mA;
    13/18 V, max 300 mA
    Isolation   SAT IF input / SAT IF input  > 30 dB
    SAT IF input / tap output    > 30 dB
    SAT IF / Terr.TV  > 25 dB
    Current consumption (without feeding external devices)   20 V, max 300 mA; 
    13/18 V, max 450 mA
    Operating temperature range   -20ºC... +50ºC
    Dimensions / Weight 116x91x25.5 mm / 0.28 kg 


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